Thank You!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Welcome Back!!

It's almost September.  It's back to school; back to cool weather; back to shorter days & long nights; it's back to Playgroup!!  

We hope you've enjoyed a fantastic summer!!  Long hot summer days filled with fresh fruit, swims in the lake, running through sprinklers, tending garden, and blue skies of Joy!!  Now as the weather cools we find ourselves turning back to Playgroup, getting ready and ramped up for another season of songs, stories, play and more!  There have been some new ideas and suggestions brewing with the Board for this year, and a few other changes in store.

Come down to the Community Showcase Evening, September 2nd at the Multiplex to Pre-Register for the 2015-16 Season and find out more about the year to come!!

We'll release the first Calendars shortly, but you can look forward to playing with us around Wednesday, September 9th!  

Stay Tuned...