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Monday, February 23, 2015

March : Here Comes the Sun...

Open Board Meeting
Thursday, March 12th, 7:30pm 

COME ONE, COME ALL!!  It's another Open Board Meeting, when we'll be discussing our Wednesday & Friday Session Planning, Advertising, and Grant Applications.  If you have a particular set of skills that can help us with any of these tasks, we'd love to have you join us at the Board Meeting.  Yk Playgroup runs on Volunteers, so the more help we get the less likely we are to Run the Volunteers out.  See you there!


Next: The March Break Schedule is posted.  Please check the Calendars Page (click to the right the blog).   As all the kids are off school, feel free to bring the whole family down to play.  Please note that our rental times do change slightly, but our days are all at the Fieldhouse:

Monday, March 16th, 10-noon

Friday, March 20th, 9:30-11am

Monday, March 23rd, 10-noon

Wednesday, March 26th, 10-noon

No session on Friday; we hope you enjoy the Long John Jamboree!!

Regular Schedule resumes, Monday, March 30th.  Please note that on Good Friday, YK Playgroup will be closed.  However,

Easter Monday, April 6th, Playgroup is at the Fieldhouse 9:30-11:30am!!  Feel free to bring the family; bring your own bikes and rideons to share.  

Regular Schedule resumes, Wednesday, April 8th...

Voting Results are in...

Thank you so much to those of you who helped out by voting on our 2015 Resolutions.  The results are as follows:

2015 - 1. (Carried)  FIELDHOUSE Mondays will continue to be 2hr sessions!

2015 - 2. (Lost) Therefore, there will be no fee increase at this time! 
(it was defeated 6-4; we needed a 75% to carry, The Board reserves the right to revisit the issue at the AGM)

2015 - 3. (Carried) A Group Rate, or Drop-in fee Maximum is to be set at a future meeting.

2015 - 4. (Carried) The Wednesday session time will be changed after further discussion and input from our Membership.

2015 - 5. The 2015 Budget is adopted as proposed in Option A, where the Fieldhouse rental remains at 2 hrs.

So what does this mean for our Playgroup?

Though we have decided to keep our fees low, the fact is, we still need to raise our funds.  To do so enables us to purchase new & replacement toys, respond to any emergency, incorporate/ reactivate new activities (including the get active portion, hosting zumba, yoga, jump a bunch, etc).   The best way is also the easiest. And YOU CAN HELP! - simply Get The Word Out; encourage your friends, neighbours, work mates, new residents, etc. to come out to playgroup!  The more the merrier!

Not everyone has thought about playing with Playgroup on Wednesdays.  But some of you have.  We would like to hear from you why Wednesday does or doesn't work for you and if there was a later time, different location, or better day that we could try to accommodate you or other caregivers you know.  This goes for dayhomes, parents, nannies - when would you like to play??

Thanks again for everyone's efforts to help us make it the Playgroup we all want to come to.


Why Should You Register?

Through the special voting process we learned that not everyone who plays at Playgroup has filled out a Registration Form!  If you Register with us, you gain access to our e-mails and (as demonstrated by this vote), you gain voting rights on important issues.  This is to be done anew for each Playgroup Season.  If you haven't yet, ask your Coordinator for a Registration Form!